LPG Hose

LPG hose is a hose with medium and high grade oil resistance, anti-permeability, LPG resistance and corrosion resistance of similar gases on the inner and outer layers. It is suitable for transporting liquid or gaseous gas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), MPS (propylene-propylene mixture), MPS (propylene-propylene mixture), natural gas (CNG), methane (CH4).
Comply with EN559- 2003 ISO2928-2003 GB / T10546-89 and compatible with 1186-92.
Inner layer: oil-resistant nitrile nitrile synthetic rubber
Outer layer: black or orange oil-resistant nitrile synthetic rubber
Reinforcement layer: high-strength synthetic fiber weaving or winding reinforcement.
Working temperature: -5 ℃-+65 ℃
Safety factor: 3: 1

Aging resistance, ozone resistance, high pressure tube body, soft, light, good bending performance, small deformation, smooth and beautiful outer tube.
Use range:
It is mainly used to transport the gas of household gas stoves daily

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