PVC Air Hose

PVC air hose for conveying water, air and oil, also known as multi-purpose hose, multi-purpose air hose, water hose, oil-resistant hose, air delivery hose, pneumatic drill hose, Spray hose, etc. It is designed to achieve long-term good performance in general air, water, oil and light chemical applications.

1, resistance to aging; Temperature range: -5°C to +65°C
2, high pressure: the product has a high burst pressure, can protect the accidental rolling of the vehicle or heavy objects during the operation, effectively avoiding damage to the pipe;
3, soft seasons: the material is added with cold-resistant agent, so that the pipe has good weather resistance, work is handy, freely retractable;
4, good wear resistance: the material of the pipe and its structure determine that the pipe can effectively reduce wear during use;
5, light weight: reduce the fatigue of work, but also reduce wear and tear;
6, The wire is firmly bonded to the inner and outer skins without delamination. The structure is subject to temperature changes with little effect. 

PVC air hose is suitable for compressed air, common industrial water, non-corrosive oil. It is an ideal choice for assembly production lines and installation workshops. It is widely used in automation equipment with air as the main fluid. Pneumatic, pneumatic tools, gas pipeline instruments, mechanical lubrication to transport non-corrosive chemical objects.
To maintain a long service life, it must be used at rated working pressure and ambient temperature.

PVC air hose has the characteristics of oil resistance, durability, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. Applicable to all kinds of pneumatic pneumatic tools for high-pressure air transportation, such as air compressors, gas grinding grinders, wind drills, wind guns and other pneumatic tools, engineering industry blasting air tubes, shipyard hull grinding air tubes Wind belt.

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