PVC Layflat Hose

Pvc plastic coated hose multi-layer woven high-quality layflat hose is woven into high-strength polyester yarn into strip, the inner and outer layers are coated with high-quality synthetic fiber, and with innovative style, scientific design, advanced technology, excellent quality, for users Long-term supply of durable and quality products. Used for agricultural irrigation, horticultural water delivery, mining engineering, building drainage, etc.
PVC Layflay hose's advantages
1: No water seepage, small water flow resistance, fast water flow, light and soft
2: Adopt high quality, environmentally friendly PVC, odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
3: The service life can reach 4~6 years, low temperature resistance, soft winter, and can used as usual during winter.
4: Increase production, save time, water and fertilizer, high irrigation utilization
PVC Layflay hose use and maintenance
1. The PVC Layflay hose is connected: After the PVC layflat hose is placed on the water hose interface, a soft protective material should be placed on the PVC layflat hose, and then tightened with galvanized iron wire or hose clamp.
2. When using the PVC layflat hose, the high pressure resistant PVC layflat hose should be connected close to the water pump. The layflat hose after water filling should prevent twisting or sudden bending, and should prevent the pvc layflat hose interface from colliding and damage.
3. When laying the pvc layflat hose, you should avoid sharp objects and various oils. When laying the hose through the main road, you should put a protection bridge. When passing the railway, the layflat hose should pass under the rail to prevent the layflat hose from being crushed by the wheel. Bad and intermittent water supply.
4, After using feces, pesticides, acid and alkali, pvc latflat hose must be rinsed out to prolong the service life.
5, When using and storing, the pvc layflat hose should be protected from falling, bumping and heavy pressure to prevent deformation and folding.
6, The pvc layflat hose should be kept in a safe place after use and should not be directly close to the heat source to prevent early aging.

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