Multipurpose Utility Hose

1. High pressure resistance
Multipurpose Utility Hose is a three-glue two-wire structure, with an inner diameter of 8mm and an outer diameter of 14mm, with a length of 30 meters per roll and 100 meters per roll. The two layers of colloid are fused strongly at high temperature, with a working pressure of 20kg and a burst pressure of 60kg.
2. Resistance to aging, oil, acid and alkali
Multipurpose Utility Hose adopts a more advanced technology formula, virgin material PVC mixed rubber, completely solved the shortcomings of rubber not resistant to aging, using specially formulated materials, so that the hose has the superior performance of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
3. Low temperature resistance
The cold-resistant material is added to the material of Multipurpose Utility Hose, which solves the problem of PVC being brittle and hard at low temperature, so that the pipe has good weather resistance. Working temperature: -20°C~70°C, no cracking at minus 20°C.
4. Good abrasion resistance.
Multipurpose Utility Hose has good abrasion resistance. The hose is light in weight, soft, easy to use, and resistant to abrasion.
Application: Multipurpose Utility Hose For air & water transfer in industry, construction and machine shop.

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