PVC Twin Welding Hose

The body of pvc twin welding hose is divided into red and blue. Red conveys acetylene and blue conveys oxygen. There is no need to worry about mixing up the gas, and it cannot be used interchangeably.
Purpose of pvc twin welding hose: used in welding machines for gas conveying, civil construction and other fields. Gas welding cutting, such as: electric welding, argon arc welding, etc., can also be used for high-pressure washing,

Features of pvc twin welding hose:
1. The pvc twin welding hose has a three-glue two-wire structure, three-layer glue, two-layer wire, with a layer of wire on each side of the white glue in the middle, which is stronger, more durable, resistant to pressure, explosion-proof and has a long service life.
2. Cold and frost-resistant can be used in low-temperature environments, not hard in winter, soft in all season
3. High pressure resistance, pressure resistance value can reach 40kg, burst pressure 120kg
4. Wear resistance, suitable for sand, gravel, rock and other environments
5. Bright color, strong anti-aging performance. The appearance of the hose is bright in color, the rubber strength is high, the deformation is small, the tube body is light and soft, and the anti-aging performance is excellent
6. The machine seizes the copper joints, which is safe and firm

Preventing sparks from splashing on the hose during use will effectively extend the service life of the hose. Nitrogen should be used as much as possible to clean the hose, and compressed air must not be used.

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