PVC Spray Hose

PVC Spray Hose

High pressure PVC spray hoses are mainly used in agricultural spraying pesticides and high pressure cleaners, construction machinery, industrial production of high pressure water, air or other liquids. 

High pressure PVC spray hose, air hose, washing machine hose, intermediate braided single-layer or multi-layer wire produced by PVC material, Korean production technology, ensuring strong kneading between layers, and the product is durable. The specifications, length and color of the high pressure spray hose can be produced according to customer requirements.

1.Please make the hose as far as possible when we use the PVC spray hose. Do not tie the hose.
2. Do not touch the fire during use hose to avoid danger.

PVC material
Using the excellent PVC rubber particles independently developed by ourselves, so we product the pvc spray hose that are different with the similar products from the market.

Strong adhesion between inner and outer layers, free bending without creases, no deformation, no delamination

More performance
Cold, light, transparent and flexible
The hose has good weather resistance, it is not soft in summer, it is not hard in winter, and it is easy to handle when working.
Operating temperature -5°c to +65°c (+23°f to +149°f)

Copper double joint
The high quality copper is not rusted on the street, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long life and 360 degree rotation.
With 2 taps: One internal thread; an external thread.

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