PVC Garden Hose

PVC garden hose are also known as garden to PVC hose, garden water hose, garden irrigation hose, PVC garden cleaning hose, watering garden hose, etc., PVC garden hose is designed for gardening, cleaning and general hose around the home or garden work.

PVC garden hose is widely used to irrigate gardens, trees and parks, communist centers, factories and home washes.

The PVC garden hose is easy to use, thick-walled design, different colors, Anti-UV and Anti-abrasion, long service life, available in all lengths, you can use it in all day. This garden hose is available in a variety of nozzles, fittings and hose reels.

Temperature Range: -5°C-65°C

Compact, lightweight and durable
This PVC garden hose is very lightweight and compact, You can exercise on the terrace and deck during the cool months and it is easy to store in the garage. Made from new materials, this hose is not only extremely durable, but also not easily twisted, it can help you keep the lush flower beds, lawns and gardens without going back and forth to straighten the hose.

About accessories
1. The coupling is made of pressure-resistant lead-free aluminum, which can withstand daily use and can be stepped on or crushed with gardening equipment.
2. Hose armor: Our patented hose armor prevents faucets from kinking.
3. High performance burst strength: The hose has burst strength and heavyweight reinforcement in the high pressure area to provide additional durability.

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